Where have you been Norma Kamali?
Where have you been Norma Kamali?

I started in business in 1967 and ever since I re-invented my self at least a thousand times.

I am a change junkie but in fact I have been in the same job all this time and loving it.

As a marker of time, you can see photos of Cher, Diana Ross, Rachel Welsh, Farrah Fawcett, Madonna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga wearing my clothing and in fact, many more gorgeous famous women through the years.

In the first half of the 70’s my clothes were experimental, but many still are relevant today - like the sleeping bag coat, and clothing made from parachutes. My start in the swimwear business started in the 70’s with a swimsuit that put me in the maverick league of swim designers.

In the latter half of the 70’s, I made dance clothes because every night everyone was going out to studio 54. Whether they got in or not they had to dress as if they were going to get in. Ian Schrager, still my best friend, created an extraordinary time, and I had fun dressing everyone.

The 80’s were my sweats for street wear in every color, and style imaginable from gym to office to evening. We sold huge quantities around the world and it was the dawn of casual wear for all occasions. Include shoulder pads into this mix ..Ok I apologize, and you’ve got what the eighties Norma Kamali looked like.

The nineties were more intricate detail and special treatments with lots of hand work in the clothing as well as my foray into the internet with my first website in 1996.

2000 and forward, fitness, health, beauty and empowerment have been the strong forces in all of my work. My partnerships with Everlast, and Walmart have been my path to the KAMALIKULTURE line, timeless style under $100, sizes 0-18.

So whenever I meet women, I hear a fantastic story about a dress or outfit they wore and the events surrounding that experience. It is so wonderful for me to hear about something I have done that have a moment in someone’s life that hopefully was a memory of a good feeling.

However then the most common comment I hear from women is "I used to fit into your clothes and you don’t make my size anymore," or "I just can’t afford your clothes so I haven’t purchased anything in a long time."

So my answer is KAMALIKULTURE. This is a line for everyone. I live in the collection myself, and it is the kind of clothing anyone can grab at a moment's notice, style up or down, and look freakin' amazing. I am happy and proud to be able to do this for everyone who has great memories and wants to have fun with timeless style, under $100, and yes I have your size!

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